Templates for various service /Engagement letters

Where can I find templates for various services such as, bookkeeping, tax advices, amalgamation, etc.? Do you know of any company that have various templates I can tailor to my firm? Does CPA have a template package?

Yes - for bookkeeping, advisory, and tax engagements, anyway. You have to license the PACT package from the CA Store (see below). This relates to CSRS 4200 (compilations and other non-assurance engagements).

There are alternatives, of course, such as Veriguide (which is still being developed by the PBA Society). Or you might find something suitable from one of these:

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Nezzer, most helpful. Thank you very much!

VeriGuide is developed. However, you have be licensed with one of the member organizations to use it. (Home - PBA | Society of Canada)