Tax Cycle Software Mac OS (Apple Mac)

Any idea why Tax Cycle not available on MAC OS yet? I think most professionals would love this option…thoughts?

I’m guessing that if most tax professionals had been asking for it, it would have happened before this. I would not be happy if they spent all development time in the next two years on MAC OS.

I would suspect that the breakdown of tax professionals is roughly like this:

Windows users: 94%
Mac users: 5%
Linux users: 1%

Excel on a Mac is about as useless as it gets and little else in the “numbers world” is really built and developed for Macs.

Focus makes sense, especially on the market that is largest.

why not use it in an emulator?

Why is Excel useless on a Mac?

Personally, I’d value a cloud-based version more - being browser based, it would be OS agnostic.

Hard no there.

From what I have seen most Mac users do not in general use their computers for business work (accounting/bookkeeping, tax etc). Their niche seems to lean more towards the creative side (designing, photography, arts etc.)

if that is so, how do Mac users do bookkeeping

Microsoft 365 for Mac.

To be fair, it’s been a while since using Excel on a Mac, so this may have changed. Keys that didn’t (maybe they do now?) exist on a Mac: Home, End, CTRL >, CTRL <…those missing keys made moving around in columns and rows a nightmare. To me, that alone rendered it useless in large sheet environments.

(I loved the Mac…it was beautifuly…just didn’t work for me at all.)

Of course one CAN use it…and for bookkeeping too…but it’s a matter of speed and convenience. I’m a keyboard warrior…the less I need to use a mouse the faster my work goes.

No thanks. Not for me. Too slow, too intractable and generally all cloud software is too unmodifiable for personal preferences.

FreshBooks, QuickBooks, and other online bookkeeping options though I still prefer Desktop bookkeeping software.

There’s quickbooks for Mac?

I still use Quickbooks Pro 2020 or 2021, i didn’t see the benefit of switching from something that works to something newer for $400 which gets me little advantage

Exactly. It takes like two to three times longer to enter data in cloud based software.

According to what you all are saying, I just don’t know how to work in Desktop. I use QBO and am SO happy with it (until 2 factor authentication fixed but good.)

Intuit offers a US Mac version of QuickBooks, but you loose our sales tax reports and Canadian payroll.

Been using a Mac and this application for a long time…best of both OS and Windows worlds!

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What’s the minimum specs to run this ? Minimum ram ? Minimum processer? How much ram do you allocate to it ? I heard issues with M1 chips ? Do you have any issues?

What’s the minimum specs to run this ? Minimum ram ? Minimum processer? How much ram do you allocate to it ? I heard issues with M1 chips ? Do you have any issues?

I know there’s nothing more hip than owning a Macbook as opposed to a Lenovo ThinkPad T580, but there’s damn near nothing written in a Mac version. I refuse to use anything without a number keypad incorporated with the keyboard, and Apple has never seen the need for one. I had a Mac Mini and could never get used to the way you scrolled up & down. I thought I could use it if only I could get windows. Took it to the shop and bought a Windows license, had the hard drive partitioned and Windows installed. Used Boot Camp to go between the two. That was a nightmare, but at least the computer was only running one operating system at a time. Parallels sounds like a perfect solution until you realize you have one physical computer constantly running 2 operating systems, thus, slowing down both. Occasionally a client will send me a Numbers spreadsheet, which I first open on my iPad and save in Excel format. My typical client will have Sage 50 as their accounting software. They will do a backup and email to me, or share on Google Drive, depending on the size. I retrieve the backup, make whatever adjustments are required, import to CaseWare, check my trial balance for any unassigned accounts, check for any missing GIFI codes and export to TaxCycle. Draft statements from CaseWare trial balance. Save everything as pdf files in CaseWare, plus tax returns, T slips, spreadsheets & word documents, compress CaseWare file and wait for next year. I can’t envision doing any of this on any Mac product.

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