Considering switch to Apple/Mac Computer - Any comments from Tax Cycle users

I’ve used Tax Cycle under Windows 7 for many years…but now support is expiring

I’m considering a switch to an Apple/Mac computer…I realize significant discussion in Feb 2017

It’s now 2019…What to consider re Mac

Who’s satisfied?
Any Pros or Cons?
What dual operating app do you like?
Any tips?

Thanks for your help/contributions to these questions

Ed (a solo Tax Cycle user)

I am not a Mac/Apple user but why would you not upgrade to W10?

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I used an Apple II many many years ago but then switched to Windows!

Windows 10 appears to be stable now, I don’t think I would personally change

There are a lot more windows applications for accounting software, the internet works the same, Macs are more expensive

If it were me I would determine what other benefits will you get from an Apple/Mac that you are not presently getting with windows?

Mac has some special industries that it’s really good at clothes designer, graphics art and possibly music other than that windows has really good applications for most other items and multiple choices.

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TaxCycle according to their posted system requirements runs under Windows. End of story.

TaxCycle doesn’t run on macOS. It requires Windows 7 or newer. However, there are third party tools such as VMWare or Parallels that would enable you to run Windows on a Mac. You’d need to take care allocating enough system resources to ensure that your Windows virtual machine is response.

The other option is Boot Camp. This tool is provided by Apple and enables you to boot your Mac into either macOS or Windows when you start the machine.

I should not that with either option you’ll need to purchase a Windows license.

Thanks Andrew for your useful info and comments…which triggered some further questions:

  1. Between VMWare and Parallels -
    a) Do you have an idea # of TaxCycle customers using them respectivly?
    b) Since I am a sole practitioner, does that weigh one over the other
  2. Allocating System Resources - How much is enough to run Windows 10, Tax Cycle, Excel and Word?
  3. Are there any TaxCycle Customers that would be willing to talk with me?



Love my Mac over Windows!

I’m a one person office and had no desire to be a Windows programer and the down time was killing me. I switched to Mac 5 or more years ago, installed Parallels and have been ben crash free pretty much ever since


Hi Robent

I appreciate you responding. Is it possible that we could talk briefly so I can clarify so questions and get any ideas from you.

My contact info is:
mobile phone number is 416-951-0730


Setting up with the Mac is really very straight forward. Bear I mind I am a one man office using a desktop Mac and a MacAir laptop.

  1. Purchase a Mac desktop, base model will do for non server use (if you need a server, call the Mac Enterprise folks), and laptop if you need one

2 Purchase latest Parallels and Windows programs. No ‘disk partition’ required. I run a ‘purchased’ Parallels rather than the subscription base. I find it has been stable and needs renewal only as the Mac upgrades out pace it. Last one lasted 4 years.

3 Spend an hour installing software. The system will install whatever software to the correct operating system or offer a choice if that particular application offers one.

And you’re off!

If you’re an Apple user, you’ll have minimal issues. If new to Mac, there is a learning curve. However keep in mind (I believe) Mac is designed for users and Windows for wannabe techies

Any competent Mac seller can hook you up with everything you need in a one stop shop.

I prefer Parallels over Boot Camp because Windows runs as a ‘file’ not the operating system and can run, visibly or invisibly, seamlessly on the Mac system. BootCamp uses either operating system, but only one at a time and requires a reboot to change. OK for addicted gamers, but not necessary for our purpose.

I use a cloud base program to store/share my files between my devices. The community has lots of opinions on which are best.

Good luck!

Rob Hill

902 883 8527

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I think it would be cheaper to upgrade to windows 10 then get a mac i am just saying i went from windows 7 to 10 4 years ago no big thing

Hi Rob,

I just left a message at your office. I am looking at purchasing a Mac Mini for my office computer and would like to chat with you if you have a few minutes.



Having used Excel on a Mac, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole again. Love the machines for their industrial design and such. Just not made for business. (Home key? End key? BS delete? Accounting programs? 5-finger screen captures?) Maybe some of those things have been fixed, but Windows machines are just made for business that way. Or I’m just old and crotchety. :slight_smile:

I’d be cautious – I would avoid any model that uses the M1 processor, unless you’ve first had a chance to see how well Parallels or VMWare runs Windows on that system…

Thanks Cameron. Still looking at options.

I would follow Cameron’s caution!!!

Been running the mixed environment for 16 years with great success until NOW!

With apple move to ARM processors, the ability to run Windows using parallels has been greatly inhibited.

My future in this environment will depend upon how long the intel processors remain available.


Not preaching but been a Mac user since 2010. Ran Parallels for a while with 2010 Mac for about 2 years; no real issue other than maybe somewhat slower.
Got rid of Parallels in 2015 with newer (and still present) Mac; partitioned HDD in 2 , one Windows and other Mac.
Yes, Bootcamp will require to reboot for switching Windows>Mac and vice-versa; small price for quality hardware; Never had any problems in either systems.

Been using Microsoft Office for quite a while, in both system, Excel & Word in particular; I agree that some keyboards shortcuts are different on Mac vs Windows keyboards but just as effective (if not faster) once you find the runarounds.
For example “screen capture” on Mac is a one mouse click on your taskbar icon.

I haven’t read on any issues if you’re partionning disks and running Bootcamp.

Windows for the ARM processor (M1 apple) is currently not available to the public.

Regardless of partitioning or sandboxing, at this time Windows (Intel - publicly available) will not work YET!!!