Source of Interest

Doxcycle is still blowing away the “source of interest” carried forward on T5’s.

I had assumed that would have been fixed in the latest release. :frowning:

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I noticed that it also blows out the foreign currency on T5s. Box 27 is not available in DoxCycle, but it resets to blank when importing.

Still doing this! I find it hard to believe we all like rekeying the source of interest on slips every year.

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How about a multiple choice answer?

A - Sorry can’t be done.
B - We don’t think it is a good idea.
C - Will get to it eventually.
D - Sorry we don’t know what you are asking for.


E - Sorry, thought we had done this already.

We will look at it on Monday.

~ Cameron


It has to do with the import from Doxcycle. The program rolls it properly but the importing from Doxcycle clears it.

@Cameron, when you look at that, could you also review the values in boxes 28A, B, and C on the T4 screen in relation to the values that get imported form AFR? There doesn’t seem to be a problem with boxes that are checked, but unchecked boxes always seem to have a different value than those same empty boxes downloaded from AFR.

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Now the answer is:

F - Coming in the next release.


~ Cameron



I’ve dealt with the annoying variance on T4 boxes 28A, 28B and 28C when doing both a DoxCycle import and AFR. Thanks for your help on that.

As always, coming in the next release :slight_smile:


I am carrying forward returns from Cantax this year.

Is there any chance that the source interest code will survive through the conversion ?

@Cameron, a similar issue happens with the T4RIF. Box 26 (spousal) doesn’t seem to have a Yes/No option in DoxCycle and if nothing gets put in Box 26, it will reset to No when posting to TaxCycle even though the Yes carried forward properly from the prior year. Can we get the Box 26 in DoxCycle to be a Yes/No option?
(a workaround I found is adding box 26 in DoxCycle with anything in it will leave the carry forward to yes, with TaxCycle adding a memo that it can’t post 2 to that box.)

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