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T5 Slip summary


Is there a way to show the actual amount of dividends on the slip summary - for review purposes, it’s easier to agree the actual amount from the data source rather than having to check to each individual slip.

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I agree, the summaries that are provided do not take into account what the practitioner is doing. we are looking for was to easily balance the slips to an external source. In this example, I really do not care what the dividend tax credit is

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Our long term plan (hopefully next year), is to make this summary a grid which you can customize and export.

For the short term (this year), we could add a column or two if you can suggest a column or two we can remove…

~ Cameron


I personally would use the actual dividends for eligible and ineligible dividends and drop the Dividend tax Credit

In the T4 module well that is a whole different story, the RPP contributions and pension adjustment would be nice plus a who rash of other cells


Thanks Cameron, Since we really just want to see the actual amounts for both dividends and eligible dividends, I would suggest getting rid of the dividend tax credit…? I like the idea of a customizable grid.

Mike T


How does this look?

On target for the next release if it meets the need…

~ Cameron


that looks great! thanks very much!

Mike T