T4E Moving to Quebec

Hello Everyone,

My Wife and I moved to Quebec in Summer of 2021 while my wife was on Parental leave. At that time she was technically still employed in another province and thus not eligible for Quebec Parental Insurance Plan. Moving forward to 2022 she received federal benefits until July when her maternity was up and she began working at a new job in Quebec. When filing our taxes and factoring in the federal benifits she received, it creates a massive balance owing to Revenue Quebec. Is there something that can be done to alleviate this? I’m sorry if this doesn’t make any sense as my knowledge of tax filing is very basic as we usually just have our T4s and a few other simple forms.


Moving from one province/territory to another can create a windfall refund or substantial debt based on provincial/territorial tax rates. Unfortunately, your move was not a windfall. :sob:

Probably best to check with a tax preparer in Quebec.