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Quebec Tax Data

Anyone know how to perform a quebec tax data download?

We didn’t get to implementing the Québec Data Download this year. It remains on our ToDo list.


I have both parents living in QC and 1 daughter attending university, working and living in ON, age 27.
Father’s return TPA schedule fails to recognize daughter’s income and considers her as dependant; cannot override anything on his TPA.
The only way I can cancel dependant amount is to override the $3100 to zero on line 367 of his return.
Hate the overrides.
What am I missing?


Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

This has been fixed in 2016 only, and will be included in our next release which is scheduled for sometime tomorrow.

There are two items we fixed relating to this situation:

First, we weren’t factoring in if the dependant lived with the parent in the conditions to calculate the amount for other dependants on the dependant worksheet, which then feeds into the Québec schedule A. With this change, when the dependant doesn’t live with the parent, we don’t calculate the amount for other dependants.

Second, we weren’t taking into account the dependant’s net income when the dependant’s province of residence on Dec. 31 is outside Québec. We modified the calculation so that if the dependant’s province of residence on Dec. 31 is Québec, we take the net income line 275 of the dependant’s TP1 jacket. If the dependant’s province of residence on Dec. 31 is outside Québec, we take the federal net income calculated on the dependant’s worksheet.

If you need to file the return prior to our next release, a workaround would be to override the TP1 net income line 275 on the dependant’s worksheet in the parent’s return and do a full recalc (Shift+F2).
If you prefer to wait for the next release, once you have installed it, open the file in question and do a full recalc (Shift+F2).

Thank you again for your help with this!

~ Annie

Thanks Annie,
will wait for update.