T4 (CPP pensionable earnings & EI insurable earnings)

Taxpayer tried to use two payroll systems in 2019 (changed over from one to another during yr)

Max EI insurable earnings - $53,100 & CPP pensionable earnings $57,400

Employee has two T4’s (pay $67k)
Amounts in cell 24 (EI pensionable earnings) & 26 (CPP pensionable earnings) from both T4’s total well over max. (issue lies with 2nd payroll system)

My thought (calc):
$57,400.00 (Max CPP pensionable earnings) - amount in box 26 of 1st T4 slip = _________ (amount to be entered in 2nd T4 in box 26 & same calc for box 24)


What did taxpayer remit? What did you get from AFR? This would be a good place to use TaxCycle’s T4 program. If you enter the amounts showing on both T4 into TaxCycle, it will show you what it should be. Or don’t I understand your question?

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Taxpayer already filed T4’s. 1st T4 is correct.
2nd one needs to be corrected & I want to confirm the sum max from both T4’s box 26’s must equal $57,400

ONE Employer program account in ONE Province, ONE T4…

General information can be found in RC4120 -
“Employers’ Guide Filing the T4 Slip and Summary”

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Thank you for sharing!