T4 - box 34

I’m trying to enter an amount for the “Personal use of employer’s automobile or motor vehicle” that is reported in Box 34 but I do not see any such field in the T4 in TaxCycle.

Is there a way to enter a new box # for those that are not that common?

You do not enter it on the t4 it is included in box 14

Thanks for the help!

Actually you can enter the box 34 amount by selecting it from the pull down menu on the other information line. We use this when doing a T4 just personal use of auto.

@nick - I’ve looked for this “other information line” and have not been able to find it on the T4 or on the other income worksheet. Can you give me a pointer?

I think @nick was referring to preparing T4’s in the T4 module. You do not enter box 34 when preparing a T1 in Taxcycle.

Hope this clarifies things

Thanks James1, Yes I presumed Patrick was talking about preparing a T4.

No problem, I have done this before as well. You likely know this but you have to look hard sometimes to see what module the poster is referring to. Especially when the question starts with a different module.