Instalment frequency calc suggestion

Minor suggestion here re: instalment frequency: just noticed that on the FederalInstalments worksheet in the T2 module, the $500K taxable income question doesn’t auto-calculate based on the CY numbers in the T2. In this case the T2 preparer must not have been thinking and responded “Yes” to being under the threshold despite taxable income being ~$300K higher than the limit. I also don’t see a review message to identify the issue.

Could you please consider auto-calculating this response if taxable income is >$500K in the CY or PY, or adding a review message?

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There is currently a blanket message that triggers and attaches to the $500k question in the federal instalment worksheet as soon as you select CCPC in Info. Likely I will have to implement something similar to what I had done to PaymentDueDate worksheet to automate this. I will log your suggestion. Thank you.