T2222 - Northern Residents Deduction - Airfare Costs

Does anyone have a process to determine historical airfare prices??

It’s impossible to get my clients to make note of it when they travel from Fort McMurray by car, so I struggle every year coming up with an amount to report, since I’m dealing with it months after they made the trip.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have looked up current air fares as an estimate, always taking the lowest possible fare.

Do airfares to/from Fort McMurray change that much in a few months?

Send an email to refunds@canadiannorth.com and ask them for the lowest price airfare in the year you want. Tell them the 1) date, 2) the community you lived in, and 3) the designated city closest to your community, and ask for the lowest price on the date you want. They will email you in about 4 business days (or less)

In your case, Fort McMurray and Edmonton are 2 and 3.

Thanks to Andy Wong Tax Consultant, I found this way useful and worked for me.

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