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T2125 Export ability

I have clients who own a percentage of a business each and they file separate tax returns. For example two brothers own a restaurant 50%/50%. I have to type all the information into one return and then repeat the process into the second return. Because they are not a linked family return it takes longer.

Is there a feature or could there be a feature that allows the information entered into the T2125 to be exported in a file format that could be imported into a new client return. Maybe the trigger is the completion of the “Details of other partners”.
May have to have the initial new T2125 started in the client receiving the import.

This would be a big time saving feature.

Hope it exists somewhere…


This is in my list of things to do.

We are still hoping to add this feature for this tax season.

Thanks for the feedback.


Would that same feature allow us to import to a T2125 or T776 from Excel (or would we be able to create a file from Excel that TaxCycle could import)?


That’s what I’m working towards. Would like to support the T1135 as well.

~ Cameron


That would be a great feature, I have completed a dozen or so returns so far that had rental properties shared with others.

That will be great, able to import data to a T2125 based in a form of GIFI accounts.

Of course, cars, equipment and house expense will be put manually! Or maybe not :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this feature during the Fall Tour. Have I missed an announcement of its implementation or is it still in development?

@matthew –

Still in development. Now that AFR is nearly off my plate I should be back to it soon.

~ Cameron

We do a lot of T2125, T2042/T1273 statements using Caseware, right now we use Leadsheets to match the T2125, T2042/T1273 accounts. It would not be difficult to change the GIFI accounts on these to match the Leadsheets. If we had a GIFI export / import feature like T2s that would be wonderful. For Cars and Home we use sub-accounts such as for Home:
9945.63 - Home, heating
9945.64 - Home, electricity
9945.65 - Home, insurance

Is there an update on the possibility of T2125 Export ability function?

In what format would you like the T2125 exported, and what would you do with the data?

Would like to export the T-2125 info to another client. They are both 50% partners in a business and instead of entering the info again I wanted to be able to export or carry over the numbers from one T2125 to another.

I may have already been able to do it as I used smart copy and it appears to have copied over the necessary info.


I agree, it will be great, if we can export 2125 to another partner as it does automatically to spouse (if spouse is a partner). This will be time saving and good for accuracy.

… you can already use smart copy paste for that…


I use the Smart Copy & Paste fairly often. It will import the complete Financial Statement or Farm Statement including Fixed Asset Additions, Disposals, and entire CCA Schedule with one single Smart Copy… then Right click and paste.:+1: