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T2 S125 won't allow sorting

In the last few days, I set up a new corporate client and have been unable to sort entries on the T2 S125. In other T2 files, I am able to sort either on the GIFI column or the current year amount column. The context menu (right-click) has the options to “Sort ascending” and “Sort descending”. None of these options work in this one particular file. Can this be explained by a “file specific” setting somewhere?

My new client T2 sorts properly on all 3 fields tested (Name, GIFI and current value)
Maybe a restart of your computer will solve it?

Thanks, Debbie, but no - I restart my computer every day, and this has been going on for a week. Also, other T2 files are not affected - I can sort on the S125 without problem. It’s just this one file. So, did my summer student accidentally change something in this file? Or what happened? What to look for?