T2 filing using web access code

need to file a t2. efile suitability screeners are 2 months behind. how do I file this return and what steps are involved? have access code already.



In TaxCycle, open the form “T2CIFWS”.
Enter the Web Access Code in the field provided (under the T2 Web Access Code section).
When you do the above, TaxCycle will message you that

“Both WAC and EFILER information have been entered. If you are a registered EFILER, do not use WAC to internet file this return.”

To remove this message:
In File > Options > TaxCycle > Transmission > EFILE Credentials
Remove the Efiler id and password.


How do you request a T2 WAC for a company with a US mailing address? It will not let me enter a Zip Code on the T2CIFWS.


Okay, nevermind. I figured it out. You need to right click on the Postal Code cell and select Mask Override.