T183 Form

If I send a pdf of the T183 to my client by email attachment does he have to record the HR MM SS in addition to his signature and date before he scans it and emails it back to me? My feeling is that this is not an esignature and therefore the HR MM SS is not required in such cases. Comments are appreciated.

I would say that is correct - it’s not an e-signature, it is an actual signature. I won’t comment on the use of email or whether you need to witness the signature…

Just to clarify when I send the T183 to my clients for signature by email attachment I password protect the file and mask out the first five digits of the SIN. Efile help desk confirmed with me yesterday that this is an acceptable way to obtain the taxpayer’s signature and that there is no requirement for me to physically witness the signature. In addition to me retaining the signed pdf copy for six years I ask my clients to retain the original for their records.

I am a small practice that cannot absorb the added expense of using esignature software like Tax Folder or third party software.


You can try Verifyle. They offer good discount for CPA’s.

Last June I subscribed to Adobe Sign on an annually-based monthly fee which I find reasonable. (~$15/month).
Considering I also use E-Courier for documents’ exchange, my cost for both services is slightly less than TaxFolder but I don’t benefit from it’s TaxCycle integration.
I will probably reconsider which services I’ll subscribe to next year as my E-courier plan is still valid for quite a while yet.
I’m a single owner/small practice also but these services provide me with a better night’s sleep.