T1-OVP RRSP Excess Contributions

I can’t seem to find a T1-OVP in the T1 program. Am I missing it? If there isn’t one, are there plans to add one?

If there isn’t one and your are planning to add one, I think it would be nice to see it set up like the T2054 in the T2 program. If there are excess contributions, it could be at the bottom of the RRSP contribution form (or even at the bottom of the RRSP Next year form).

Hi, We don’t presently have it but we are planning on adding it for this season.

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Is there any update on T1-OVPs? We need these forms regularly.

The T1-OVP was added during tax season. It is in the T1 program now.

Swear I looked there… but I see it now - Thanks!