Suggestion - NOA Category

With the scanned documents I receive from clients, included among them will often be copies of the Notice of Assessment for the previous tax year.

I would otherwise put them under the following category in DoxCycle:

CRA Letter

Instead I’ve been putting them under the following custom category:

Notice of Assessment

Is there any way that this could be added to the default categories in DoxCycle?

You can make as many source documents you want in addition to new folders in the options area.

You key in a new source document. Once it is created, the document will show up under the source documents and then you can drag it to a folder. If you want your own folder you can create it.

Just save your own profile and you are good to go.

As you can see, i have made my own list of folders and created notice of assessment documents.

@james1 Thanks very much for sharing this!

Lots to learn about TaxCycle and DoxCycle!