Slipsync publish verification

Is there a way to verify if a T5/T4 file’s slips have been published to slipsync? I don’t see it in the workflow or history sections of the returns, maybe it’s hiding on me elsewhere?

We’re just ironing out our processes to roll this feature out for T1 season and this could come in handy in a few situations.

I suppose we could also just quickly re-publish using the button on the Data ribbon. Is there any downside to publishing the same file multiple times? It looks like it just over-writes the previous versions in the published slip directory so I’m thinking this might be what we’ll do when in doubt.

@rick.s -

No downside in hitting publish multiple times to ensure the slips are published.

However, we’ll add an event for this. We’re planning a release for the next few days, so we may be able to squeeze that one in… @Andrew??

Thanks for the suggestion.

~ Cameron

Check the folder assigned to receive the slipsync items

Did you guys ever get around to adding slipsync publishing to a file’s event history? I’m not seeing it - think it would be a great idea.

I just realized one of our preparer’s machine’s didn’t have “publish to slipsync” checked off for T4 files. I ran a batch print on all the T4s she’s created, which looks like it’s taken care of the problem; however, that took some time to figure out and run through. I’m wondering if there’s a better way to either batch publish or verify the slipsync status of a file? Ex. would it be possible to view whether the slips in a file have been published in client manager through a workflow filter, or is there a batch command I could run to check or publish without printing? Ideally, being able to add a column in client manager to show the status would make this really clear.

I’m sure you guys have a million other things on the go right now, but just some thoughts for the future!