One-time payment for older seniors

Would be nice to have a warning based on age (“were born on or before June 30, 1947”) if we do not have a T4A entered.

A physical copy of slip I have seen has the $ 500 in box 018 & 205.

If both boxes are completed in Taxcycle this doubles up the $ 500 received to $ 1,000 on Line 13000.

AFR only downloads Box 205 though.

It would appear Service Canada is preparing the slips incorrectly. :smile:
All a bit strange. Just a heads up.

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Many thanks for letting us know.

Incorrect tax slips

Due to an administrative error, some recipients of the One-Time Payment for Older Seniors received an incorrect tax slip in which the payment amount of $500 was incorrectly entered into the document twice.

All individuals who received an incorrect tax slip will be issued amended tax slips in time for the tax filing season, along with a letter explaining how to report the correct amount on their tax slip.

Tax slips available on the Canada Revenue Agency’s My Account for Individuals are correct. When completing your tax return, the correct information will be included if you are using “Auto-fill My Return”.


Still think this would have been a good warning to have added but it didn’t seem to hit the latest release.


Still finding seniors with nothing downloadable but they have received this.

“Still think this would have been a good warning to have added”, based on taxpayers date of birth.

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Second that. :slight_smile: