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SelfEmploymentCredits Tab

I have mentioned this before somewhere but the Ontario tax credits for self-employed individuals, SelfEmploymentCredits Tab, should have a proration section for the days of the year Apprentice was employed and/or eligible. More often than not I do not have a full year of eligibility and without a “number of days of eligibility” section the form is pretty much useless.

Will this be addressed?

Hi @Arliss. We’re looking at it for the release right around the time the EFILE system opens (Feb 9th). (FYI, there is a release planned for this week too, but it won’t be in that one.)

Will this make this weeks release?

Next weeks?

Hi Arliss
I just added a “Days employed” column to the apprenticeship credit section. The $10,000 maximum will be prorated by the number entered there divided by 365 for 2014 (days in the taxation year).
This will be in next week’s release, which I believe will be mid-week.

Great. That will make the form functional and avoid overrides. I hate overrides.

“Days eligible” might be a better title.

I used “Days employed” as the guide reads “number of days that you employed
the apprentice” and T2 Schedule 552 line 442 has a similar title. Might as well be consistent with them.

I guess that makes sense but they should choose their words better. :grin: There are times when “days employed” is not the number you would enter. Since eligibility is only for the first four years of apprenticeship an employee may have been employed prior to signing apprenticeship agreement or may be employed after the four year eligibility is up.

Either way though having the new section will make the form work for me. Thanks for getting to it.

I had room, so I made it 'Days employed and eligible in the year".

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