Emigrant return - Schedule A Statement of worldwide income

So my clients emigrated from Canada in July of 2021. I have prorated their non-refundable tax credits on the Immigrant/Emigrant worksheet and completed forms T1161 and T1243. Now I’m getting a review message to complete Schedule A - Statement of World income. But the first line on the form says:

"Complete this schedule if you were a non-resident of Canada or a deemed non-resident of Canada for all of 2021 " .

I’m just confirming that I do NOT need to complete the form because they were part-year residents and not non residents for all of 2021. Am I correct in this assumption? This is my first emigrant return and I don’t want to miss something!

You will need that information anyway, as you complete RC151 GST/HST Credit Application for Individuals Who Become Residents of Canada, and perhaps RC66 Canada Child Benefits Application.

Thanks @helga_spence my clients are emigrants, not immigrants.