See other authorized reps

Is there a way to see other authorized reps in RAC? I know I did this for someone in the past, but I’ve been looking for a while and cannot find the link.

Did they remove it? Or as Grandpa used to say when I couldn’t find something, “If it was a snake, it would have bit you by now.”

I have a new client who is very concerned about who else might still be authorized.


Under business profile

If that client has access to his/her CRA My Account, there is a link there that will show the authorized reps.

The client isn’t tech savvy at all. I can walk her through logging in online over the phone.

LOL…I don’t see a business profile either.

In the most obvious of places (but strangely…it’s not that obvious!!).

At the top of the page when you log on to the client’s BN…in the blue bar you will see “My Business Account” followed by the name of the company and a clickable link “Business Profile”.

One way to get rid of other authorizations is to redo the authorization for your business and check the box “Cancel all authorizations”. This will de-authorize all other previous authorizations.