Secure Files and Internet

Hey everyone with all the randomware and hacking now adays what can I do to keep my files safe, hardware or software wise? Anyone here use a firewall or have an IT guy who can help?

I would hope EVERYONE uses a firewall, a password manager and does NOT use their ISP’s router.

Other than than:
Backup. Backup. Backup.

Finding a good IT person is tough, but necessary if you’re not a techie.

Pay for the hefty router with good security, not the ISP one. When I view the logs on ours, the amount of random port fishing that gets blocked is crazy.

Pay for the over-zealous internet security package. We use Eset internet security and it catches everything. It blocks some stuff that is legit and I have to go unblock and even blocks itself from updating itself without authorization. I’ll take too much protection vs not enough every day.

If someone brings in data on a USB stick, it gets read on a specific machine to ensure it’s not compromised from the client’s side.

As previously mentioned, backup backup backup. We do nightly, offsite encrypted backups to a Canadian server and a monthly physical.

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