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Schedule 3/ S3M

On the S3M Capital Gains manager, section 4 Real Estate. I cannot input anything in the Prov/Terr, Year of acquisition and share% boxes.
Can’t do any override as well.
This being a T1/TP1 return I get the same issue on the Quebec equivalent form.
From what I can tell these lines are auto-populated from the Assets Manager where a rental property was disposed with a capital gain.

If you switch to the other spouses return does it allow any of the inputs?

No it doesn’t, but as displayed in the picture, the first 2 items are populated by the Asset Manager as “disposed of” assets.
The third was entered manually and I can input share% and prov/terr in those. Portion of capital gain is correctly assigned.

There is nothing in Asset Manager where I can assign a % of “disposed of” asset to a specific owner.
Even though the T766 assigns 50% ownership to each co-owner, the Asset Manager assigns full disposition amount to 1 co-owner only on S3M.

I wondered if the optimization settings might be the cause. Overrode the “Net Capital Gain” from Yes to No , with the same result.

If had bothered to watch Elizabeth’s T766 webinar earlier …:roll_eyes:
The old co-owner vs. partnership issue.
Taxycle doesn’t split CCA assets between co-owners ; partnerships only. It assigns 100% assets additions/dispositions/CCA to whichever taxpayer the T766 Asset was populated in.
Workaround is to manually assign 1/2 of assets/dispositions/additions to each taxpayer or from spreadsheet.