S100 rounding feature request

Is there a way to trigger automatic rounding on the S100? Say you could set a threshold ($5) and defaul GIFI code to round it to (Trades payable).

@fabien TaxCycle currently has GIFI rounding function to the nearest dollar (rounding threshold of $0.5). For example, in S100, when you manually type (or via GIFI import) $100.5 and hit enter, TaxCycle will round up to $101 and post it. Instead of $100.5, you type $100.4 and hit enter, TaxCycle will post $100.

Could you provide some examples of how the rounding would work in your suggestion?
So, a rounding threshold of $5 will round to the nearest $10?

  • $95 is rounded up to $100
  • $94 is rounding down to $90

Some explanation of practical use would help us understand as well. Thanks!


What I mean is when my total assets and total liabilities are out by a few dollars, we get a warning. Currently, I have to override one of the GIFI line items manually. My suggestion is to set a quick fix where it plug the difference to a predetermined GIFI.

Does that make sense?

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