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Roll forward 2018 T1s

I was wondering when the best time to roll forward 2017 T1s into 2018? We are looking to send out pre-season packages to clients but I didn’t want to roll them forward before the latest version of software was finalized.


In that case, do your letters from the 2017 data…


There should be no impact to rolling forward now. If you need to make changes to the T1 2017 for some clients, then you can note those and roll forward again.

Testing and setting new options and features can be handled as a separate task.

You can also make a copy of your underlying files and folders as a backup.

If you have a second computer then you might be able to load and configure a copy of TaxCycle and run this as a test or backup system. Previously I did that with another vendor’s software to test options and configurations.