Remittance forms

We typically receive payments from clients for CRA, and forward them to CRA on their behalf.

Often though, we do not have remittance forms.

What we do right now, for payroll remittances for the January 15th remittance, we take a copy of the T4 summary with a ‘Remittance advice’ watermark.

For corporate tax instalments, we use the instalment page, from the T2 program, and put on there the account number and ‘remittance advice’

Now it would be useful if the program itself ‘mimicked’ a remittance form, which does not need to contain magnetic ink, as they are not used at a bank, to serve these purposes.

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We would find that useful as well

Have designed a template of remittance forms, would have attached it here, but is not an allowed file…

Contact me if interested, you can find my email on my website.