Corporate T2 vouchers

Does tax cycle have remittance vouchers for T2’s yet?

you can make your own templates…

Don’t they have to be ordered from CRA?

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I’m with @Nezzer

If the client is paying at a financial institution I think the corporate instalment or remittance vouchers need to be encoded with magnetic ink (MICR encoding). Even if TaxCycle allowed you to print remittance vouchers you would likely need a MICR printer.

If the client is paying online using CRA My Payment or via their business online banking with the Can-Act Payment System (Tax Filing Services in their online banking) then they don’t need remittance vouchers.

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@snoplowguy You are 100% correct. This (magnetic ink) is the reason we cannot add a T2 voucher to TaxCycle.



Ok this is helpful.
I ended printing the code via cra link and my client paid at canada post.
Ideally pay through bank portal but $$ amount was not sufficient to ensure full payment.
thank you

The ones I print can be used for mailing a payment though…