ReFILE worksheet override

ReFILE worksheet denied transmission because of T1ADJ would include (possibly) a change in elected split pension income amount.
The T1 ADJ request is for a small union due amount deduction that was omitted from original EFile transmission.
I overrode “YES” to “NO” at line “Does the adjustment include a change to or new request for the elected split-pension amount?” on the ReFile worksheet.
The change in union dues amount is small and although it will change net income, taxable income etc… it does not change the elected split-pension income amount from original return and the ReFile permission reflects available.
Should I anticipate problems upon ReFILE transmission?

I am quite sure that you will be able to transmit ReFILE, CRA will reject if they detect an excluded situation. The exclusion on the web site reads as “wants to change or add the elected split-pension amount to their return”.
The calculation is looking to see if a pension split in the return but I think should look to see if it changed.

I agree. ReFile transmission went smooth.:slight_smile: