Quickbooks phishing scam ongoing NOW

Off-topic, but I suspect a lot of you have QB clients. Beware of a phishing scam going on and targetting QB clients at the moment:

Intuit warns QuickBooks customers of ongoing phishing attacks (bleepingcomputer.com)

For those who have QuickBooks Desktop clients who buy the product (no payroll) and update when support stops: as of the 2022 release, ALL versions of Desktop are subscription only. I confirmed with Intuit Canada after attending a US new features session.

The US presenter said you had to log into your online Intuit account before you could access your Desktop version. That does not seem to be case for the Canadian version at this time, but I opted out of the making Desktop version better (which may be the trigger?).

The US one said you had to log into your online Intuit account before you could access your Desktop. That does not seem to be case for the Canadian version, but I opted out of the making Desktop version better.

The good news: this version is 64 bit and NOT connected to Explorer 11!

it seems like all versions of QB desktop have been tied to explorer under the hood as sometimes data isn’t displayed correctly

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Not sure if this is related, but this week when I attempted to e-mail Invoices to my clients I was pushed to sign into QBO to be able to do that. One more frustration

I’m using Quickbooks 2018 Desktop Pro to track my own corporate business. Haven’t had issues with data not being displayed correctly, nor have I noticed the connection to Explorer. In light of the comments posted here about QB’s move to yearly subscriptions (something I just noticed online myself just last week), and the possibility that QB might implement an update to force versions like mine to end in 2022, I’ve disabled my auto update feature just to be safe.

Delete Explorer 11 and your QuickBooks 2018 won’t work. Personally tested it earlier this year. I got a message that I needed to install Explorer 11 to get it to work.

Appreciate this message, @helga_spence.

I was aware that IE11 is being put to sleep, but didn’t realize QB was so dependent on it and wouldn’t start without it. I had previously seen that EI11 was still enabled on my computer, but didn’t think too much of it since it is never in use. Out of curiosity, I quickly uninstalled IE11 and verified your results - QB wouldn’t start. I then read through several pages of angry QB complaints on the QB support page, and QB’s lack of interest in fixing the issue. What really surprised me is that their newest QB 2021 still relies on EI11. Wow. Makes me want to consider changing software to something other than QB, especially since EI11 should be uninstalled instead of kept active within Windows for use by QB.

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IE shouldn’t be used for web browsing anymore, but needs to be there for a lot of third-party software running Active X controls, etc. (Sage 50 uses it, too). That’s why IE 11 is still included and enabled in every Windows installation. Microsoft will stop supporting IE 11 in June 2022 (see link), but the background functionality will remain. Not sure how that may affect third-party software like QB and Sage. Hopefully the software engineers realize it’s time to revamp the code to eliminate reliance on IE…

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\ New changes to our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll pricing
Dear Helga,
As part of our commitment to partnering with you, we are reaching out to provide advance notice of an upcoming price change that will impact any of your small business clients who subscribe to QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. We are letting you know about this change so you can be ready for any questions or comments from your small business clients, who will receive an email about this change the week of October 25th.
Effective December 1st, 2021, payroll pricing for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier will include usage-based charges. In addition to the current $46 monthly subscription fee for QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, there will be a charge of $2 per employee per month.
Please note, this change is only impacting small business users of QuickBooks Desktop Payroll, and there is no change to the Payroll pricing for QuickBooks Desktop Accountant Bundle or QuickBooks Enterprise.
If you would like to learn more about this change, visit our FAQ page.

Thank you,
The QuickBooks Team

Importing CSV to QuickBooks Desktop

I have a client using Square who wants to import CSV files to sales receipts. There would be multiple
HST rates, GST, and PST.

He has a free Desktop version so does not want to use QBO.

Does anyone have the appropriate CSV mapping?

This has been the talk around our office. The logistics on this are going to be interesting.

I just download the .csv file, summarize it in the spreadsheet and enter values manually. I find it faster than trying to set up the import file.

I’d convert the file into a spreadsheet, clean and adjust the columns to match what I have in QB, use batch transactions entry option to copy and paste each column separately.

I have researched this and find I am in over my head. Is there anyone in Edmonton (Millwoods area) who could help the client set this up? I had encouraged him to find another accountant who already has these skills, but he’s wanting to stick with me.

I am on the cusp of retirement, and feel now is a good time for him to transition, so the person who helps would get the nod from me either now or when he has no choice as I would be cutting him loose. If you can sell him on a package deal, you would have my blessing.

As of now, he thinks I will personally help him with the solution which, in my opinion, would be sending someone with experience in this area.