Pre-season - UHT section

I like the UHT Snippet, but would have been nice if it could have been squeezed onto one page.
I have tired to format it to a smaller font etc, but it doesn’t work great because of the tables.

The English version is designed to fit on one page by default but if you edited the letter, it is possible something changed? Also, watch the margins on your pre-season letter. The default margins are fairly narrow to help make this possible. (Note the French version will not fit on one page. It is simply too much content.)

I’m using the English version.

I have create an insert snip, where I include some information I like to add. This snip is inserted where you have “Your 2023 Tax information”. I did not edit anything else with the letter.

I seems that because of the change I made, the paragraph spacing have changed on the UHT section. The UHT section still starts on a new page, but the spacing is making it span two pages.

Oddly enough the UHT section is the only section affected. I tested a few things and nothing changes to the UHT when I clone the PostSeason letter, but as soon as I make any change the the letter (such as adding a space to a line) the spacing on the UHT changes.

Hope you can help shed some clarity on this @Elizabeth

@grangers2016 If you can send in any template that you modified that is used in the letter, I can take a look. Send them into the and tell them I asked for the templates, it will find it’s way to me. I would need any of the following templates, but only if you customized them:

  • Letterhead
  • PreSeason
  • Closing
  • PreSeasonChecklist
  • PreSeasonDocs
  • Foreign Property Reporting
  • PreSeasonForeign
  • PreSeasonUHT

If I can reproduce the issue, I will try to help.

Thanks @Elizabeth but after a good night sleep I decided that there was too much info in the TC UHT section for my clients so I created my own very simple questionnaire omitting the actual property details. I believe 99.999% of my client base will not be affect and if any are affected those 3 questions will catch them. I added my questions at the end of the checklist as a snip, as well as a Trust question snip. (FYI - Love Snips!!)

To recreate the issue you should not need any of my templates.
I took the TC PostSeason template, cloned it, (no affect to UHT section)
Added a space anywhere in the PostSeason Temp - spacing on UHT changed.

I will say that I do have a customized letterhead and closing

Anyway, for me this is no longer an issue since I will not be using the TC UHT snip, but I appreciate your attention.