Possible S14 Glitch

I am unable to get the “Qualified Dependent” information to populate on the S14 (Saskatchewan) of a return client. The dependent carried forward correctly and I’ve quadruple checked all the settings I can think of. They all carried forward correctly. My client has been claiming him as an Eligible Dependent for years and all of the other amounts associated with that have populated correctly. Have I missed something or have I discovered a glitch?

How old is the child?

The child is 16.

What is entered for relationship?

I have it as “Grandson”, the same as I have in previous years. I’ve noticed that if I change it to Child the amount populates correctly and the amount of the refund goes up by about $10 for some reason.

Looks like if the taxpayer is receiving the CCB they will likely receive the CAI payments.

Do you have an eligible child

You have an eligible child if all the following conditions are met at the beginning of the payment month:

  • your child is under 19 years of age
  • your child lives with you
  • you are primarily responsible for the care and upbringing of your child
  • your child is registered for the Canada child benefit

If you are eligible for the Canada child benefit, a credit for each eligible child will be included in the calculation of the CAIP.

To show client what they will likely receive I guess changing relationship to child will make that happen.

This is an issue with the current release, only Child / Daughter / Son are being included. This will be corrected shortly. Apologies for the oversight.

I am going to dispute the relationship that you have entered.

The biological relationship is grandparent / grandchild, but the tax relationship is parent / child. The reason is the grandparent is acting as the parent exerting that authority instead of the grandparent authority. As such, they are entitled to claim the full parental relationship.