Eligible Dependant

Father (divorced) has custody of his 16 year old daughter for all of 2017. She has no income. He neither receives nor pays any type of support. He becomes common-law for tax purposes on September 1/17.

The system picks up the eligible dependant amount on his return UNTIL I change him in the system from divorced to common law on Sept 1.

The requirements say “at any time during the year”, do they not? Is this a TaxCycle glitch or am I glitching?


Hey @evan, try this…

On the Dependant Information screen, under “Information about credits to claim”, there is a question that says “Eligible Dependant lived with”. See if you can select the client’s name there from the little drop down and whether that fixes it for you.

Wayne B

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That was the missing link. Thank you so much. I suspected I was the one with the glitch. lol.

Happy tax season.