Pension Splitting Summary Issue

There may be an issue with the values displayed on the Pension Splitting Summary, or at least it’s not displaying as I expect it to?

Was just reviewing it with a client and we noticed that the Optimized column numbers do not match the actual values on the tax returns?

Upon investigation, it appears that the Summary is showing information prior to the Optimization of Donations and Medical, as if they were never optimized? If I turn off Optimization, they agree…but this does not reflect the return as filed.

In my opinion, the Summary should reflect the actual values on the tax return, as filed, rather than excluding the benefits of the other optimizations? I guess in it’s purest form, the Summary only shows the benefit of the Pension Split, however, this is awkward when showing the customer how much we saved them.


Very odd…the next return I did with Pension Split and Medical/Doantion Optimization shows correctly on the Pension Summary…matches teh As Filed amoounts…hmmmm.