Payroll Fees

I would like to know what others are charging their clients for payroll services.

I have always used Quickbooks Online Payroll to complete payroll for clients (open to other suggestions).

For example, what would/are others in this community charging for payroll services consisting of three employees paid on a bi-weekly basis?

To clarify fees to:

  • Produce T4s
  • ROEs
  • Run payroll bi-weekly (direct deposit)

Value billing here. We do all of it and just wrap it into the final invoice. I gave up billing for individual services decades ago. Too much trouble.

For one select client, I charge the time of our bookkeeper who does it all, at a somewhat discounted rate of $45/hr. (She tracks the time…I don’t need to. Phew.)

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I like your style!

I do the same thing.
But, I have a friend who charges $50/employee/ payroll and per T4

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That’s a non-starter in retail and restaurants (at least for me). WAY too much staff turnover.

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I try to encourage clients to get their bookkeeping and payroll done elsewhere, so I don’t have to deal with it. But, for those that really want me to, I charge $75/hr to set everything up (in Sage or QBO or whatever), then $25 per paycheque.

Even if I don’t do the client’s bookkeeping or payroll, I will still do T4s and ROEs as needed - typically $60 per slip. If I need to do 5 or more at a time (and they are all similar), I discount that to about $45 per slip; 10 or more: $30 per slip.

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