Invoicing personal tax returns -- setup options

I was looking through the invoicing options and I notice that there seems to be two options, bill hourly rate or bill by schedule.

I am recording the staff time in another system, and I was just wondering if there is way to put in the amount that was calculated elsewhere. There will be multiple preparers with different billing rates.

So for example an invoice that would look something like:

For preparation of the 2014 personal tax returns for Jane and John Smith. xxx
Additonal fees for preparing T1135 xxx
GST xxx
Total Fees: xxxx

If not I guess it’s time for another custom template.


@Michelle, We have a similar situation, except that we do not itemize the additional fees. I have created a custom template with our standard wording and then added logic to add additional paragraphs for additional services. For example if the T1135 has been completed it would all that paragraph. As well I allowed for a freeform paragraph from the Billing worksheet.

I found the set up of that to be fairly simple.

Thanks Matthew. I figured it out and you are correct, it was fairly simply thanks to your suggestions.