Pay (remit) source deductions

Has there been a change by CRA in remitting source deductions? I still have quite a few that are done by mail and while getting ready to make payments tomorrow I just noticed that nothing has been received from CRA for tomorrow’s payment. With everything going on did I miss something?

To the best of my knowledge the filing deadlines for Source deductions have not been changed. Unfortunately, if you are late penalties are likely to be imposed, as it is the computer that imposes the late filing penalties (no human interaction). CRA staff abandoning their positions rather than mailing out the remittance vouchers will likely not be considered a valid reason for making a late payment.

We used “spare” source deductions cards for some of our employers who still want to pay at the bank. Most employers should have one or 2 spare PD7A cards laying around in a safe place.

Over the last week or so I have walked about 15 business clients through the process of configuring their Source Deductions, Corporate Instalments, GST/HST remittances, and Employer Health Tax accounts from within their online banking “Government Tax Filing Service”.

There is a 1 time set up fee of $25 and the cost is $2.00 per payment. There is no upper limit to the amount you can pay (unlike the CRA My Payment service which is nearly impossible to pay any larger amounts).

I suggested clients set up this online Tax Filing Service not just because their source deduction forms were not mailed this month, but many of the bank branches are closed in our area, and when you do find a branch that is open I understand you essentially need a passport and your medical records to get through the front door. :slightly_smiling_face: