Ottawa 2016 Presentation

Who is attending the Ottawa presentation next week?

Informal poll to find out attendees.

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I will be there… :smiley:

~ Cameron

Phew! I was worried that I would be all alone in that big room. Looking forward to meeting you @Cameron !

I attended the Taxcycle Tour in London a few days ago. I plan to sign up again for next year’s performance. :relaxed:

What a excellent presentation… the entire day was packed full of great information. It was well worth the drive for me… and from what I understand, your commute will be much shorter Tim. :grinning:

I will be attending the one in Toronto in January two years ago i attended the one in Mississauga. They are well worth it

I am attending in Calgary this month.

I will be there tomorrow, really looking forward to it!

A big thank you to @Cameron and @John_MacLean who presented today in Ottawa. Everyone shared the concern for the (lack of) heat in Calgary, then realized that we were also short on heat in the room.

The poem was excellent. Certainly trumped the heat issue.

I will mention that I do not agree with some people about using a Western Ottawa hotel. It is convenient to some, but not everyone. Downtown is better.

I appreciated the chance to talk with both of you. As we say, in this bilateral and bilingual and bipartisan city on the border - Merci! Thank You!

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