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Can you add an option to the T1 optimizations to claim things like donations fitness and arts amounts on the spouse that owes money if it makes no difference to the actual tax owing for both tax payers.


Aren’t the fitness and arts going to be imminently history?..

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It was more of a type of deduction/credit list than for next years program since it is very unlikely they will play with the optimization portion before April 30.

If the deduction is the same on either return most cases I prefer the deduction to go to the spouse who owes money.


Couldn’t agree more. Just overrode the donation optimization. No change in total tax payable but now we have two taxpayers with refunds.

I really miss Profiles handling of donations. Where I can click on an individual donation and transfer that donation to the spouses return and handle the optimization manually.

I have a few client that are very charitable (we are talking 100,000 plus per year) and I will spit the donations because I want to remove the taxes owing since the client does not send in installments. It is a real pita to move the donations manually.

Donations are one area that Profile handles slightly better than Taxcycle.


Your donation optimization could still use some work. I just had a couple where the taxpayer Taxcycle chose would have cost the family some dollars.

I know I can turn off the optimizations, but generally I would like to leave optimizations on. It would be nice if it was easier to transfer donations from spouse to spouse without overrides while leaving optimization on.