OneDrive or SharePoint Cloud - update to how to share links

How to share and/or copy a link in OneDrive or SharePoint Cloud


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How did the old sharing and get a link work?

I have documented the features quite extensively in this post . Honestly, do not waste your time reading it; it looks and behaves completely different now. Let’s instead focus on how it works now!

Share vs. Copy Link

First, I want to clarify the two choices we now have with modern files/folder sharing: Share and Copy Link . What is the difference between Share and Copy Link ?

Copy Link generates a link (URL) to the document or folder that you can take and paste into an Outlook email, Microsoft Teams, SharePoint page, some document, or anywhere else.

Share allows you to save a step in case you are writing an email or want to share the link with someone and allows you to send an email (with the link embedded) to the recipient. That’s it – that is the only difference between the two options! Other than that, they behave the same in terms of access being granted.

The 4 types of Share and Copy links

Whether you generate a link via Copy Link command or a Share option, you end up with the same 4 choices of links you can generate:

  1. Anyone with the link
  2. People in [name of your organization] with the link
  3. People with existing access
  4. Specific People

Let’s go over all the above options and understand what the hell they all mean.