OneDrive and SharePoint Cloud - About

I am planning my self training sessions to implement OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Cloud.

If and when I find something useful such as a blog post, checklist, informational video, or training course I will post it here. I invite those who have already implemented these in their practice or are in the process of doing so to share their experiences, recommendations or resources.

Since I am at the very beginnings of this journey I am no position to make recommendations other than resources which I am finding helpful.

This is my list so far:

SharePoint Maven

Udemy (seasonal deep discounts)

SharePoint Online Basics by Chip Reaves, Idaho Edokpayi, Bigger-Brains -

Getting Started with SharePoint Online, Robert Crane (last update 2017-12)

SharePoint Online, Level 1, Robert Crane (last update 2017-12)

SharePoint 2016 Site Owner, User, 365, 3-course bundle

SharePoint Advanced, Metadata, Columns, Lists, Taxonomy, Luke Angel, BTreePress

SharePoint 2016 Codeless Mobile Apps, Lists, Flow, Power Apps, Luke Angel (this is advanced and for general workflow info only to review next summer)

Calgary Meetup - Calgary SharePoint and Office 365 User Group (CalSPOUG)