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NO t4

Hi I have a client who worked for 3 months but the person she worked for will not issue her a t4. she has her pay stubs that total over $3000. before deductions. She want to report this amount. I am not sure where do I report this amount for her and also all the deductions?

Thank you in advance.


Just enter as any T4


Keep copies of the pay stubs as CRA will be making enquiries in the fall as to where the deductions came from. The pay stubs should make your submission acceptable and CRA will go after the employer for the money if it hasn’t been remitted yet.

I have a client like that as well and ALL ‘pay stubs’ are printouts from the CRA payroll calculator.

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Thank you that is what I was thinking, I just have not run into this before.
Thank you

Do the T4 as normal using the information on the pay stubs
Definitely keep the pay stubs you will need to fax them to CRA.

I had one last year and that is exactly what they did and they accepted our pay stubs & info

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