Mortgage/Loan software

Can you recommend a mortgage/loan software? I have a new client (an individual) who lends money for loans and second mortgages. Presently, they use excel spreadsheets to calculate the interest and track payments.


There is so much “free” and “paid” loan calculation software available its nearly impossible to try them all to know which is best for any particular use. We used an a piece of software that I considered to be awesome until the developer passed away several years ago, and there was no more support. It worked well in a 32 bit operating system but would not work under a 64 bit environment.

I ended up going through several different programs until I found one that came close to what we had. One of features I felt important was to have the ability to produce annual totals for “off calendar” year ends.

I ended up with something called Winamort Pro, which I have been using for about 5 years now.
It has an up front cost of about $170cdn for a single user, and an annual renewal of about $50.

I’m sure there are better pieces of software out there, but I haven’t found one that I would say is better or more flexible than this.

What additional features are they looking for that the spreadsheet doesn’t offer?

I have used TValue for years. No complaints.


TValue (desktop version) for us as well. It covers all our needs and is simple to use.

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Is it safe to assume that both products mentioned do “Canadian” mortgages and/or can be configured to do so?

Yes, TValue has a specific option for Canadian mortgages.

Yes, of course.
At least with the Winamort Pro software.
Whenever I run schedules and compare to balances of loans from the Canadian Banks, other mortgage schedules, lease schedules, the numbers line up perfectly.

I use QuikCalc Amortization V6.0 from Slateboard Software. I bought it several years ago for about $80. It currently sells for $49. I have never upgraded, as I’m satisfied with the original. It has a ton of options, includes an interest calculation option for Canadian mortgages, a solve-for screen, prints a schedule for any 12-month period (great feature). You can do a loan schedule for a capital lease to result in the lease buyout amount at the buyout date of a lease. I always find that the actual interest rate is far higher than the lessor advertises.

I have been using mortgage2 Pro-Costs $49. and works great. see
Allows me to put in any prepayments easily…

The current person is not excel savvy. Hence I am seeking a software that will calculate interest and track payments on the interest only loans.

Thank you all for the quick and timely response.


I’ll add my vote for TValue. I’ve been using it for decades. There is an online version now too.

I have used a myriad of apps. All are really good but I always seem to fall back to an old spreadsheet stand-by that works for loans and mortgages.Canadian-mortgage-calculator.xls (640.5 KB)