More training for reading coding in letter templates

One of my roles in our office is to customize the Letter templates (ELetter and CLetter). Sometimes, I am asked to move around paragraphs, add in additional information, format our own unique paragraphs. What I am finding is that TaxCycle’s coding is now having more layers or levels. I can’t easily move a paragraph and put it somewhere else and have it work. I do look for the opening and closing coding around information, and have attended all the template webinars provided by TaxCycle but I believe I would benefit for more training to read what is there. Please contact me if this is something you can provide or where I can go to get more training. Thanks! Teena

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Great suggestion Teena,

I would too would LOVE more in-depth template coding lessons. I know some TC users are familiar with coding from other programs, or it comes naturally to them, but there are those of us out there where coding is seen as a bit of ‘black magic’ and need a bit more hand holding than a forum response ’ just insert {{random_line: of ©ode*}] (me pretending to know how to code for this example) to fix your template issue’.

As a result - I am scared to modify my templates…the handful of times I did try to spend a couple hours doing so, the results were questionable - I currently have one template that I use, but manually modify each one i because I screwed something up I can’t figure out how to fix, and too shy to ask for help. The a bility to modify or create templates in Tax Cycle is amazing, and I have to say a green monster of jealousy does pop up when someone posts on the forum about the amazing form they made but ran into a tiny (but super complicated to me) glitch in their coding. I would love to see say, 4- 1h coding lessons on 4 different types of forms, one a week, and also focused on how to fix or look for errors.

I agree… I am completely baffled… it looks very confusing…every time I have tried to watch the tutorials… I am very lost… it is like the presenter assumes I know something that I clearly do not know. I do not know how to articulate what it is I do not know.

I was trained in accounting… In the 80s, I had some DOS training but that is a very very long time ago.

My solution is that I modify each and every letter… use joint were possible, (350+ personal tax clients)

Yes, insanely time consuming but I am a one person office and have nobody to turn to.

To all of you technical people out there… my greatest admiration