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Hello, I’m currently working on our firm’s preseason letters, and am looking for a listing of “hidden” or built in codes that are not linked directly to fields. For example I know CommonData.FileByDate and CommonData.PayBalanceByDate but can’t actually find any reference to them in the training (there is at least one reference to “see these sections for hidden or constants” but these links absolutely do not have all of them). I’m certain there are many more like this, and am hoping there is either some way to find this list in TaxCycle (or the template editor), or there is a list somewhere on the website that I just can’t find.

Thank you for your help

First stop is probably to look a this section in our online help:

There has been a little reorganization since the last training to display the content more by theme. If you quickly can’t find what you need in there, let me know what it is you’re trying to do and we’ll see if something exists that isn’t referenced in the help yet.

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Thanks Elizabeth

I had actually already looked through this. I was looking for something similar to CommonData.FileByDate but for RRSP deadlines (I know I could use {{addymd(Info.Filing.YearStart,0,0,60}} but that won’t work if it’s a weekend), instalment deadlines, etc. Or if there is a different code for FileByDate I could use to put in the date for business income deadlines.

I’m also wondering if there is a way to set certain pages to landscape rather than portrait orientation (I can’t seem to find something so I assume not).

RRSP contribution deadlines aren’t something calculated in the return, I believe, so that’s why there isn’t in option (but I will double-check). We have to update the pre-season letter each year if the date doesn’t quite fall at the usual March 1 date.

In most cases, this code works because it will use March 1 and then update the year, but there may be a year in there when you’d have to change it. (You’ve probably already seen this code though.)

March 1, {{ Constants.CurrentTaxationYear + 1 }}

You’re right, there isn’t a way to change page orientation. I’ll add it to our requests tracker to see if eventually we could solve that.

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help on these questions.

I am trying to add my firm’s website address to the letterhead template, and I can’t figure out the field code. I have searched the online help and can’t find any reference to it. Anybody have that code handy?