Help Creating Custom Letter

I need someone to help me create a custom letter in tax cycle, I will pay them, who can I contact for this, just need a printout for my client to see important areas of the tax return for them to sign off on before e-file and need it set it as print set so that it prints with t183

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Bump, please can someone help, I will pay for the time

Sorry @asifnana - I don’t have time to spare, and what you need may be a lengthy process for someone who isn’t intimately familiar with your systems and processes. I am guessing you have an urgent need, but most of us (accountants/tax preparers) are just as short on time as you are, and not that desperate for money. I would suggest you contact TaxCycle directly and get @Elizabeth to help you create your own. Or hire a university student - this could be a good project for someone like that.

If you are still in need of assistance, please let me know and I maybe able to help you with your custom template letter.

Yes please, can you contact me my email is