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Medical Travel Recording

I have a client that has two issues related to medical travel that I am unsure how to enter into Medical Travel form.
1st - Both spouses travel more than 80 KM to different appointments in the same car but different reasons and Dr’s Do I enter each seperatley?

2nd. One spouse required knee replacement and I have medical note from surgeon that he could not drive for 6 week - 8 weeks. The patient had his spouse drive the 80+ kms one way to hospital and stay for the 2 days with her husband and then drive him to physio 40+ km twice a week for 6 weeks… How do I capture the accompanied driver??

Thanks for the groups assistance.

In my opinion,

#1 issue You can only claim 1 trip… even though it was for multiple reasons as the car really only drove there and back the one time.

#2 issue… All expenses are to be related to the patient and claimed by the patient…the Driver does not have a medical claim

However, mileage and per diem meals both patient & driver(where applicable) and the hotels costs ( if the wife stayed and helped her husband
whilst in the hospital for the 2 days)

*Please note if the patient was instructed not to eat before surgery… it is not reasonable to suggest he/she should be allowed to claim
per diem meal for that meal nor any meals that would have been eaten at the hospital while a patient.

R - Thanks for your reply - I agree with the only recording the travel once for issue 1 - I am thinking just record the total mileage including both locations and indicate 2 meals??

Issue 2 I know that the driver doesn’t have a claim - but how do you record the driver…??

This is how I would input the associated expenses. The husband can claim lodging and meals for his wife (presumably the hospital feeds the husband while he’s recuperating) for the 2 days she stayed to assist husband in hospital.
For physio treatments, he can claim vehicle expense for each day they traveled. Fill in distance one way and round trip distance (i.e.) 80 km per day. Repeat for each of the twelve days for physio.
You will have to decide which of spouses benefits the most to establish who claims the whole medical expense amount.

Can We Put Kilometers for all 10 Days all together?

I suppose you could if you keep a detailed spreadsheet in case CRA request it, but myself I’d rather fill them in individually.
Some of us will create an Excel spreadsheet will all details and import it into the medical expense worksheet.

I liked your way, as no need to create and fill separate sheet and keep it with other files, otherwise data is available in details if we had entered individually.