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Eligible Medical travel expense

Client travels for surgery 200 km, lives in Tamiskaming district. Client receives a NOrth Travel Grant for fuel . There is nothing on travel worksheet to report a reimbursement , should this expense be reduced by amount of grant? if so, how?

I would just subtract it from the mileage amount being claimed with a note to myself explaining why the lower cost for travel.

I always calculate medical travel and reduce claim by travel grants received and have never had an issue. I don’t use the Taxcycle schedule because it doesn’t have a spot to subtract reimbursements received. I just have my own spreadsheet template and input the final result to Taxcycle.

I had suggested a section for reimbursements when the sheet was created but I guess it is not that common unless you are in Northern Ontario.

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Thanks for your response

But if this could be added in Tax Cycle Schedule would be great?