Meals and lodging while spouse is in hospital

Can a spouse claim mileage, lodging and meals while spouse is staying in hospital out of town in hospital?



Not unless they have a doctor’s note saying the “healthy” spouse is REQUIRED to attend the hospitalized one.

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Thanks Nezzer,

I didn’t think so, but I thought I’d ask in case I was missing something.


You’re supposed to need a doctor’s letter to claim the attendant care, but I’ve had to deal with many medical travel reviews and have never needed to provide that for client to date and all the reviews were successfully passed. This was claiming Simplified method with mileage, meals, and hotels for them both.

All had a legitimate reason for having to travel with the spouse (sedation involved and patient not allowed to drive, patient no license/no ability to drive, etc) and weren’t just for emotional support or because it’s a spouse. There has to be a legitimate reason for the attendant/companion and you need to be able to really detail it out on your cover letter as to what the procedures were for and why they couldn’t go by themselves.

In this case the spouse was transferred to a hospital out of town by ambulance. She was not “required” to be with him, it was her choosing.

That’s why I believe there is no actual claim for meals and lodging.

You are absolutely correct, no claim to be made there for travel, just her ambulatory fees etc. if any.

I believe there should be - I think I would claim some travel. If it is someone young, it is necessary. If it is a senior, I believe it is necessary.