Medical Expenses No Income

Good morning everyone. I have a client that has next to no income and has no tax payables and her husband as no tax payables as well. She has a-lot of medical receipts. She thinks still inputting them will make a difference. I have explained it won’t. She thinks it will help with other programs like OTB or another type of credit. Can I get a second opinion to show her that putting her medical on her taxes wont do anything for her.


It might if she can get refundable medical expenses as a result on page 8 of the jacket. Otherwise no.

You could even just input a single, large number to demonstrate for her?

Just because the taxes owing are at zero, that may not necessarily negate the use of medical expenses. If there is “earned income” as in T4 slips or self employment, the medical expenses could generate a refundable medical expense supplement. However, if ALL the income is from investments or pensions or the like, there would be no refundable medical expenses supplement and all that would be achieved by recording the medical expenses is and increase in your bill for handling the items.

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And that’s a good thing! :grinning:

Seriously, if the client insists I would do it and mark them to all carry forward to 2022. And who knows maybe you get blindsided by matching in the fall or maybe can be used next year.

you can’t carry forward medical expenses. must be a 12 month period ending in the taxation year